Sunday, May 18, 2003

and so i'm back from outerspace....yea so i stopped postin for awhile, what can i say things were going smoothly in my life....but of course all good things must come to an end so im back

Monday, March 10, 2003

song of the moment: crazy for this girl
loving:not having school
wanting:another day off

So last night me and barb had our sex and the city marathon we watched all of 1st season and got half way through 2nd season. I LOVE MR. BIG they are sooo cute together, what sux about it being on DVD is i already know they're gonna break up. I was just talking to sophie and she says mr. big turns into a big asshole 3rd season so im kinda bummed :( By the by Miranda is incredibly butch!

Sunday i walked around handing out resumes at local shops. I really want to get a job for summer but it is hard for a 15 yr old to get a job. I dont know if i'll get any luck. But woah the whole thing is so intimidating. its almost not even worth it, we'll see.

I have so much work to do, i've yet to open my backpack this weekend and i go back to school tomorrow. AHH i better get crackin :)


Friday, March 07, 2003

song of the moment: concrete streets -j5
loving:Bringing Down the House
wanting:to see it again

DUDE! i just saw bringin down the house and it was hilarious!! Soooooo funny i love queen latifah, there were slow parts but overall it was soooo quality!!! onca again me and barbara were totally crackin up and kelly adn allison were like haha, but not enthusiastically, where is their sense of humor?! sooo good

My bro is on the way home. he is coming home frm Duke for spring break it should be fun he wants to take me out latr and get me trashed but i dunno if thats something id enjoy doing with my brother haha Today before i went out my mom and i went to blockbuster and i rented all of season 1 and 2 of sex and the city 6 DVDs in all costing a whopping 16 bucks, but money well spent. Me and barb are having a marathon sunday night since neither of us have school monday I AM SO EXCITED!!! i'll check in later, oh and guess what tomorrow i am going fabric shoppin cause i am gonna do some clothes customizing it should be fun :P


Tuesday, March 04, 2003

mood:ho hom
song of the moment: cry me a river haha
wanting:a better grade in SWIMMING

no gilmore girls tonight! its an old episode i hate when they jump back into old episodes right aftr sweeps.

Mel and Aaron broke up sunday night!! nobody saw it coming but mel broke up w/ him. Aaron is a pretty chill guy so even tho he was upset im sure he'll be fine ya know. I dont know what Mel was thinking tho, aaron is awesome! but whatever maybe they just arent right for eachother.

Barb is going through a rough time. She just found out her granddad has lukemia and her great aunt just died. I feel really bad for her shes very overwhelmed. we were talkin on the phone last night and we got to talkin about drinking based on me tellin her about sat night. And we were saying how sometimes its just really stupid. I didnt start really drinkin until this year and somehow i always had fun w/o it when i was younger. And dont get me wrong,i like to drink and have fun but i feel like if it's there and you know you're not gonna get caught hell yea i'll drink BUT if not why bother. Id rather not drink still have a good time and not end up in huge trouble then drink and get busted. My friends are pretty into drinkin so sometimes its annoyin but me and barb are on the same page w/ this which is nice. I guess i'm the kind of person who could drink every weekend for the rest of my life and be happy or never drink again and be just as happy, it's not a thing i need ya know? anyone else feel this way or disagree?


Sunday, March 02, 2003

omg the night i had last was one big crazy disaster having to do w/ my parents finding out i was going ovr to caseys aftr the common concert adn there were going to be no parents...eek...i dont even wanna explain letss just say it was really crazy and i was freaking out...

rthe night before i went to my friend barbs house for her 15 bday and that was awesome we made her some birthday drinks haha good times

right now i dont know where i stand w/ my parents only time will tell how much trouble i am actually in

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

song of the moment: Wings -Matt Nathanson
loving: the math htest i just got an A on
wanting:to have no SS test tomorrow

last night i babysat for my neighbors down the street just for an hour. But it was during gilmore girls!! dont wry i taped it i could never miss it. I just watched it and it was great!!! just as i predictde the WB manipulated the previews and rory and did not have sex!

my mom is awayuntil sunday i am home alone w/ my dad kill me no really kill me!!


Tuesday, February 25, 2003

ok this has got to be a quickie cause my bus got me home 30 minutes late and i have so much shit to do!!! um ok sat i didnt go to lexis, i figured if i had so many doubts about going i probably wouldnt have a good time so yea i went to barbs instead it was fun. I heard this grl julia (lexi's friend) passed out so im kinda glad i didnt go and have to deal w/ that stuff ya know. ok so like i said this is a super quick entry BYE


Saturday, February 22, 2003

song of the moment: Mission- Dispatch
loving: jess on gilmore grls
wanting:to have no homework

I went to the musical last night and it was horrible our school used to have the most amazing brilliant actresses and singers. and now......not so much.....No1 could sing but i'll admit it was funny to laugh at. Yes i know i'm mean but seriously u shouldve seen this! I went out before with sophie kelly and alison to pizza and then we went to starbucks. Chocolate brownie frappachino, so good!!

Tonight i think i'm going to Lexi's house. I'm not really feeling up for it but maybe i will later. Casey and Betsy are away, and Sophie cant go. So it would just be me kelly lexi, and then maybe alison, lexi's friend is hookin us up w/ some stuff but i dont know if its worth it. Id rather just chill with barb adn sophie tonight maybe watch a lil sex and the city, we'll see what happens. I gotta go write my science lab tho latr


Thursday, February 20, 2003

mood:ok nothin special
song of the moment: Jumper -3rd eye blind
loving: jess on gilmore grls
wanting:a hunny bunny (o.a.r. referance lol)

3rd eye blind was sucha good band! clearly they've gone down hill but i still play there very first CD all the time, it never gets old. Just thought id let you in on that little secret, if u dont already have it buy it!

So its friday tomorrow which is awesome i only had school wend-fri not a bad week. Tomorrow is the school musical so i think im going to that and not sure what im doing after, hopefully something fun, sat is all confusing, we were going to the movies but now i dunno we might be going into the city we'll see

I have to write an essay tonight and study for two tests so im not lookin forward to that, i think im gonna get crackin on it right now latr all :) OOOH wait Trista chose RYAN oooooohhh yea baby!


Tuesday, February 18, 2003

song of the moment: what i got -sublime
loving: days of our lives
wanting:money cash bling bling

dude my term paper FINAL DRAFT is due thurs, and i am procrastinatin like no other!!! i really need to work on it, but alas i am not im bloggin here. I am sucha slacker ahh, sometimes i hate myself. I just finished watchin days of our lives which was enjoyable as always (i hate cassie so much haha)

U guys kno my friend Barb, well she is stuck in NYC right now. She went down w/ her dance group to see some shows and dance etc. and they got stranded there thats kinda cool dont u think, not a bad place to be stranded.

Has anyone ever used crest whitening strips? i tried to use one today what a disaster! i am really stupid and it took me a good ten minutes to figure out how they worked. Ur supposed to use them twice a day so hopefully i will have better lucky w/ them tonight. Does any1 know if they give good results? leave me one about it

I'm gonna go latr every1


Monday, February 17, 2003

mood: excited
song of the moment: X goin give it to ya...
loving: snowday
wantinga snow day where its safe to drive

SNOW DAY TOMORROW!! this is not me hopin its official already announced, itsnt that fantastic fabulous and so much more :) I just got back from sophies house, casey has been stranded their since fri night and is still there. casey lives in the city so she has no way of gettin home everything thing is closed. I live like 5 min. from sophie and it was still really hard for me to get to her house yesterday and then home today. I had a lot of fun tho. It felt good kind iof like it used to be4 i started to have all these mixed feelings about my friends. We watched sex and the city season 3 until 4 in the mornin which was really fun. Sophie has the BEST house, she has like a big screen TV that comes from the ceiling and a popcorn machine down in her basement so its really cool to watch stuff down there. i havent actually played in the snow yet i feel its overrated but maybe latr. its so deep tho not good for sledding

i have lots of hw to do BUT guess what no pressure cause no school haha i am very excited about this, i'll check in w/ ya latr byebye


Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Song of the moment:Beautiful -CA
eating: grapes
loving: shoppin
wanting: more cash

sry its been so long its been a pretty busy week. Rememmber my formal thing last weekend? well i got grounded and wasnt allowde to go unless i ddint go out at all this weekend, so here i am sittin home on a long weekend :( the only one to talk to is my dog grrrr

i did just go shoppin tho!! yes i am a shopaholic but i dont have alot of money so the trips to the mall to my fav stores bloomingdales and Arden B. are few and far between usually i just hit up marshalls like i did today. Dont diss it either i get DKNY Roxy Calvin Tommy BCBG stuff all frm marshalls i luv it. Today i got a bikini, that hopeuflly i will not look fat in by the time its summer, and two shirts not bad.

i'll check in latr not too much to say, latr :)


Monday, February 10, 2003

Mood: stressed
Song of the Moment:Concrete Streets- Jurassic 5
eating: clementine
loving: will and grace
wanting: some lovin

bio test wend....math test wend...spanish test any1 seeing a pattern??? ahhh kill me i must go study


Sunday, February 09, 2003

ok now to continue...( i ran off quickly cutting my entry short when i thougt i heard my dad coming home, the fabulous man has grounded me from using the computer but we wont even go there) that i've explained the hell im going thru w/ my dad right now and why i really need advice on this unbearalbe situation let me take you back to friday.

it was a snow day so i got a text message frm my friend Casey and Kelly both being like, "hey we should do something today etc." and i was all for that, and i talk to them both for awhile plannign and w/e we didnt really get anywehre tho. Then all of a sudden around noon i stop being included in the plannin of whats going on and no1 is calling me anymore etc. So i call them and Casey is all shady like, yea i dunno whats oging then i talk to Kelly and shes like, um i dunno i think im going to Sophies house but I GG right noww i'll ttyl, so i ddint get a chance to ask what was up with sophies. At this point i was pist off cause if u cant hang out w/ me fine but dont statr planning something w/ me and then just ditch me, (Sophie is also my neighbor so its pretty annoyin that she wouldnt include me since i'm down the street)

I was kinda like fuck them, i am so pissed off right now, UGH and in a horrible mood then i talked to my Bestttttttfriend savior favorite person of my life haha Barbara. We were like screw them and i went ovr to her house and chilled. (This yr Barb switched schools and every1 except me has basically ditched her so she knows what im goign thru) so we had a good time and i as ok, but that doesnt change the fact that my friends completely ditched me and made me feel like crap. Thats never ok ya kno? so i dunno we'll see what happens with it but i'm still upset about it just not as much as i was before


Mood: annoyed confused...
Song of the Moment:Jumper -3rd Eye Blind
eating: bread
loving: NOT my dad
wanting: a new family

ok to clarify on the below entry i am not feeling that bad anymore, as u can see i was clearly in the moment adn there is nothign wrong with that. its an honest entry, BUT im not that upset anymore, i'll get more into that whole issue latr but first i really need to talk about my dad. I honestly hate this man more then anyone i've ever known, u may think i'm being dramatic but i am not. He is a terrible father. No he doesnt beat me or do anything illegal to me but beyond that he doesnt everything a father could do wrong. He's just sucha a fucking jerk ya know? i dont like to be around him and he is always making up rules just to cause more conflict in our relationship. i try to stay clear or him cause it always ends in me getting grounded, but he always coems up to me acting like a 5 year old trying to start a fight, its infuriating. and he has my mom sooooo whipped. She tries to stand up for me but he owns her, he tells her to shut the hell up and wont listen to a word she says i dont know what to do!

its gotten to the point where i am so unhappy i've contemplated suicide, do i think i'll go thru with it no unlikely but i mean dude something is wrong if he could make me feel this way. Other then my dad i live a pretty happy normal life w/ its ups and down. Its insane that one person can make me feel so miserable. so i really dont know what to do. If ur reading this plz say anything, anything at all because i need help i'm scared, frusterated, worried and i dont know what to do. I love my mom sooo much but i cant deal with my dad


Friday, February 07, 2003

Mood: so pissed
Song of the Moment:Bitch -Meridith Brooks
eating: pizza
loving: absolutly nothing
wanting: grrrrrrrr

i cant even type right now i am so upset i am about to cry i just hate this so mcuh i really really really hate this, why for the love of god do my frineds suck so much i dont understand i dont fucking get it if anyone can explain this to me feel free because i dont know wat the hell to do. i feel like such crap right now just once id like to feel good about myself! its a fuckin snow day i should be in a good mood but u know waht ive never felt worse beacsue as usual i am feelin ditched by my friends and u know tomorrow i am gonna get a call from Sophie asking for a ride to the formal and all i will wanna say is NO GO FUCK URSELF the only time ur ever "my friend" is when its conveniant for you cause u need a ride and i am sooooooooo tired of it. But u know what i wont say that because i cant do it i juts cant! so some1 help me out here because i dont know wat to do i have no fucking clue!!!!


Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Just poppin in real quick im loaded w/ work soo soo soo much to do so little time. I am in case u were wondering still sick :( But getting better we will see. And for all my fellow gilmore girl fans woah did the acting of young loralie and christopher suck yesterday it was such a personal let down! anyway thats all for nwo some1 sign my gbook or at least leave a comment plsplsplspls

Monday, February 03, 2003

Mood: sick
Song of the Moment:I saw the sign -Ace of Base
eating: granola bar
loving: eh...
wanting: to feel better

Mondays are so draining. U've just had a weekend and BAM ur thrown back into school and work. On mondays i have every single class!! it is so stressful, not to mention i have 6 classes before lunch which makes my stomach very very angry.

Sadly i am feeling really sick. Its a stomach tihng, like i'm kinda sick to my stomach/hungry at the same time but i cant eat cause i'll throw it up kinda thing...not fun not fun...i have semi-formal saturday i really hope im not sick for this has been in the planning for months. I need to write a bio essay right now so i'm out bye bye


Sunday, February 02, 2003

Mood: exhausted
Song of the Moment:Love for me- Guster
eating: bagel
loving: talib kweli
wanting: another day in the weekend

I had soooo much fun last night :) the night started out pretty bad but by the end i was pretty happy. I saw How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days it is sooooooo funny the plot is kinda predictable but there are soooooo many times when you laugh outloud it was so good! I went to the movie w/ all my friends but it was really strange we all met at six and Sophie just didnt show up. So its 630 and wer're like whatever she'll call us when she is comign and we can go get some dinner. Well she doesnt call and just shows up at 7:15 without an explanation doesnt say sorry or anything even though she is really late and the movie is statring in 15 minutes. And since she didnt call us we didnt know whether or not to get her a ticket. So then me barbara and betsy have to go over to the theater and wait in line to get Sophie a ticket, because Sophie HAS to go get a bra from victoria secret that second. We were really pissed. Plus when she came she like didnt say anything to us she just sorta mumbled hi and i dunno it was weird. So anyway we were pretty pissed about all of it but the movie was so funny that by the end no1 even cared. THen we go back to barbara's house and shes like really quiet and the only time she speaks to me the whole night is to make fun of me. WTF? dont get me wrong i can take a few insults when warranted but if the only thing ur gonna say to me the entire night is an insult then dont talk to me at all ya know. Then after Barbara's guy friends leave at 1130 she goes right to bed. We're like ok w/e shes being weird and bitchy tonight screw it and we go upstairs and hang out for a couple hours. Then this morning she doesnt talk to me again. But as soon as she realizes i'm getting picked up soon shes like "oh lauren can i get a ride" i was like so thats how it is when u want something from me its ok to talk to me. lol

I dont know i would be really pissed off about this, BUT since she was being bitchy to everyone i'm just kinda like screw it you're making yourself look like a bitch, no need for me to waste my time being mad at you. So we'll see how this week goes, but if she acts like a bitch all week me and Kelly already decided we are gonna have a chat with her because she has been treating all of us really badly

I really gotta go work on my term paper now so i'll bring this to an end. By the way i scored 3 goals in indoor soccer today :) very exciting, lata


Saturday, February 01, 2003

Mood: tired
Song of the Moment:Wings -Matt Nathanson
eating: banana
loving: sleep
wanting: no homework

Last night was horrible, it was sucha bad friday night. My friend Kelly came home w/ me from school and we were gonna meet up with our friends Casey and Sophie at the basketball game latr that night. Sophie was playin in a tournament and we were gonna go to dinner after her match and then to the game. So we call Casey's cell around 5:30 and shes like Sophie is playing right now why dont u come over here now. I'm like maybe in a bit...and she goes no no u guys should really come now it will be funSo i was like ok and me and Kelly went over. Well instead of hanging out with Casey she ignored us the whole time we were there, like she kept walking away and just completely dissing us, we were like hmm was so weird. Then to make matters worse after Sophie's match we were gonna go to dinner like 5 minutes away and just walk, BUT her parents didnt want us to walk or something (give me a break it was the suburbs!) soo they had to drive us, big deal they drived us like two minutes right. WELL her parents are anal and they were like making us all feel really bad for "making" them drive us and i just didnt need that. PArents shouldnt treat other kids like crap ya know?

Anyway so after that we went to the game and me and kelly came back to my house. After she went home i checked my temperature cause i was feeling sick and i had a 100.6 fever! it sucked luckily i took lots of pills and w/e and went to bed and feel much better today. which is good cause i have two write two labs and a term paper.

Tonight will be much more fun i hope. We are all going out to the movies and then my best friend Barbara's house who we havent seen in so long. I am very very excited. I am gonna get started on my homework now or at least attempt to later


Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Mood: excited
Song of the Moment:LET IT SNOW
eating: nada
loving: snow
wanting: snow



Tuesday, January 28, 2003

good old state of the union address is on, where i get to hear my favorite president speak...yea i think im going to pass (if u couldnt tell i really dont like dubyah) but lets not get me started....i have to run do homework i'll try to write a more lengthy post later :)

Monday, January 27, 2003

Song of the moment:Quality Control -Jurassic5
eating: yogurt
loving: everwood (the show)
wanting: some lovin (yea i want this often)

Hey so how bout that superbowl?! I thought the raiders were gonna win but then again what do i know about football. I kinda just thought the raiders would win cause something about them seems more intimidating haha, and like i said earlier those commercials were sooooo dissapointing.

I have finished all my homework due tomorrow, this is a big deal, it's not even 8 o'clock im a frickin animal. Maybe i could get ahead on tomorrows homework..or my term paper due very very soon....or maybe not...that would be taking it a little to far haha

Everwood and Boston Public are on tonight, any fans? I'm a pretty hardcore Everwood fan and i love to catch Boston Public tho i cant always do it. there is soooooo much drama packed into 1 hr on that show i luv it. reminds me of my soaps haha, as u can see im more of a TV junkie then a AOL junkie. and proud of it. Plus i'm not completely obssessed w/ TV or anything, i just watch a little too much. *speaking of Road Rules Real World Battle of the Sexes tonight!! let the games begin* haha thats my little plug for the show

Oh great news my bff Barbara came back to school to visit (she switched schools this yr) and it was sooooo awesome i luv her and never get to see her anymore. so that made my day 10x better, did i mention she brough McDonalds fries to my lunch, how sweet is that!?! i got to go get me some grub but i will check in w/ u guys soon


Sunday, January 26, 2003

the commercials have not been great so far, bummer, but the one w/ the monkey for sierra mist prime stuff

what Care Bear are u?

hehe isnt it cute..procrastination...